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Deal or No Deal (U.S. game show) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the American primetime version on NBC. For the American daily syndicated version, see Deal or No Deal (U.S. syndicated game show). For other national versions, see Deal or No Deal. It has been suggested that this article be split into multiple articles. (Discuss) Deal or No Deal Deal or No Deal logo. Format Reality-Game show Created by John de Mol Starring Howie Mandel The Models The Banker Narrated by Joe Cipriano Country of origin United States No. of seasons 4 No. of episodes 194 (as of 1/2/09) Production Executive producer(s) Scott St. John, Endemol Running time 44 minutes (without commercials) Broadcast Original channel NBC CNBC Picture format 480i (SDTV) Original run December 19, 2005 – January 2, 2009 (currently on hiatus) External links Official website IMDb profile TV.com summary Deal or No Deal is the American version of the international game show of the same name. The show is hosted by Howie Mandel, and premiered on December 19, 2005 on NBC. The hour-long show typically airs at least twice a week during its run, and includes special longer or theme episodes. The show started its fourth season on August 25, 2008 after NBC's coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. A daily syndicated half-hour version of the show debuted on September 8, 2008. The game is primarily unchanged from the international format, and is based on a contestant selecting one briefcase out of 26, each containing a cash value from $.01 to $1,000,000. Over the course of the game, the contestant eliminates the other cases in the game, periodically being presented with a "deal" from The Banker to take a cash amount to quit the game. Should the contestant refuse every deal, they win the value of the case selected at the start. Special variations of the game, including a "Million Dollar Mission" introduced in the third season, have also been used, as well as a tie-in with a viewer "Lucky Case Game". The show has been a success for NBC, typically averaging from 10 to 16 million viewers each episode, and has led to the creation of tie-in board, card, and video games, as well as a syndicated series, played for smaller dollar amounts. Currently, the show is on hiatus, temporarily replaced Friday nights with Mandel's other series, Howie Do It. It has been announced the show will return with new episodes on Wednesday May 6.[1] There are still episodes that have been taped, so it is unsure whether NBC is just burning off the remaining episodes or if new episodes will be taped. Contents [hide] 1 Format 2 Case values 3 Merchandise 3.1 Game Formats 3.2 Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets 4 Scheduling and ratings 4.1 Season One (2005-2006) 4.2 Season Two (2006-2007) 4.3 Season Three (2007-2008) 4.4 Season Four (2008-2009) 4.5 Cable 5 Production notes 5.1 Syndicated Version 5.2 Special versions derived from the US version 5.3 Hiatus 6 Episodes 6.1 Season Four (2008-2009) 6.2 Season Three (2007-2008) 6.3 Season Two (2006-2007) 6.4 Season One (2005-2006) 6.5 Top Ten Greatest Moments (11/21/07) 6.6 Howie's Twelve Days of Christmas (12/25/07) 6.7 Gifts of Christmas 2006 (12/25/06) 7 Special offers by the Banker 7.1 Season Four (2008-2009) 7.2 Season Three (2007-2008) 7.3 Season Two (2006-2007) 7.4 Season One (2005-2006) 8 Special Guest Stars 8.1 Season Four (2008-2009) 8.2 Season Three (2007-2008) 8.3 Season Two (2006-2007) 8.4 Season One (2005-2006) 9 References 10 External links [edit] Format Deal or No Deal is played by one contestant at a time. Prior to each game, 26 dollar amounts ranging from $.01 to $1,000,000 (occasionally $2,000,000) are distributed by a third-party among 26 briefcases, the values unknown by the host or the Banker. The cases are presented to the contestant by the Deal or No Deal models. The contestant selects one case which is then placed on a podium. Through a series of rounds, the contestant is asked to select a number of the other cases still in play; each case is opened and the value revealed before it is taken out of play, and a large electronic board is used to track which dollar amounts still remain in the game. After completing the selection of cases for that round, the Banker, a silhouette figure lit only dimly from behind in a box overlooking the stage, will call down to the host using a phone on the podium. The host will then tell the player of the Banker's "deal": a cash value that depends on of the values of the cases remaining in play, in exchange for leaving the game. The host opens a plexiglass case on the podium containing a button; if the player accepts the deal, he or she presses the button to end the game, otherwise, he or she closes the case and declares "No Deal," requiring the player to continue into the next round. Each round progressively removes fewer cases from the game; the first round begins with six cases to be removed, the second round with five, and subsequently until the final rounds requiring removing one case at a time. In early rounds, the Banker's offers typically represent a small percentage of the average value of all the remaining cases. From round to round, that percentage generally increases, sometimes exceeding 100% toward the end of the game. Should the player make it to the final round, with the selected case and one other case left in play, the player is given the opportunity to swap cases, value unseen, and they win whatever case they end up keeping at that point. If the player takes a deal prior to the final round, the host usually encourages the player to play through to the end to see what would have happened. (When time runs short, the remaining cases are opened all at once.) If the player does not take the deal when time runs short, then the host would tease the player to continue on the next show. After the second round, family and friends of the contestant are usually introduced and are allowed to contribute advice and encouragement to the contestant, including which case to pick next and whether to accept a deal or not. Often, special guest stars are present in the audience, typically related to the contestant's interests or background; for example, Celine Dion appeared and supported a player who was a big fan, while another show featured Big Bird assisting a player who had a childhood fear of the character. An hour-long show typically only features the play of one contestant, but for longer specials


and other versions, contestants that do not finish their game continue into the next show. Several shows have been themed based on the contestant's background, a holiday, or other situation; for example, all the cases were replaced by trash cans when the contestant was a garbage man, and one episode was considered "Ladies' Night", as the regular models were replaced with male firefighters from the Los Angeles and San Diego Fire Departments. In some cases, the Banker will also offer a "special" prize, including both valuable prizes such as vehicles or "dream packages" customized for the contestant as well as gag gifts such as a supply of cotton swabs or donuts, with the offer, and may require an additional stipulation for the deal; in one instance, an additional cash prize was attached to the deal if the contestant would cut off his beard (which he ultimately accepted). [edit] Case values The values for the 26 suitcases are as follows: $.01 $1 $5 $10 $25 $50 $75 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $750 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $25,000 $50,000 $75,000 $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $400,000 $500,000 $750,000 $1,000,000 [edit] Merchandise Other than novelty items like coffee mugs, key chains, or T-shirts, there are also different game variations of the show that makes Deal or No Deal fans keep on coming back for more. [edit] Game Formats When Deal or No Deal took America by storm in late 2005, many toy manufacturers and software developers capitalized on its success of by creating a wide variety of formats of the popular game show. This list of formats is as followed: Format Manufacturer / Developer Additional Notes Arcade Game[2] Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, Inc. (ICE) Board Game[3] Pressman Toy Corporation Card Game[4] Cardinal Industries, Inc. DVD Game[5] Imagination Games Game Boy Advance[6] DSI Games Handheld Electronic Game[7] i-Toys Nintendo DS[8] DSI Games PC Game[9] Cat Daddy Games PC Game[10] Cat Daddy Games The second PC Game is entitled "Deal or No Deal - Secret Vault Games". Plug & Play TV Game[11] Jakks Pacific Tabletop Electronic Game[12] i-Toys Talking Pass'n Play Game[13] i-Toys Video Slot Machine[14] Atronic [edit] Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets At least twenty-nine states have or had some kind of Deal or No Deal scratch-off ticket (with the top prize determined by each lottery) to the grand prize winner. Non-winning tickets may be used to enter a sweepstakes for a variety of prizes, including a chance to be on the game show. These states include Arizona,[15] Colorado,[16] Connecticut,[17] Delaware,[18] Idaho,[19] Illinois,[20] Indiana,[21] Iowa,[22] Kansas,[23] Maryland,[24] Michigan,[25] Minnesota,[26] Missouri,[27] New Jersey,[28] New Mexico,[29] New York,[30] Ohio,[31] Oregon,[32] Pennsylvania,[33] Rhode Island,[34] South Carolina,[35] South Dakota,[36] Tennessee,[37] Texas,[38] Vermont,[39] Virginia,[40] Washington,[41] West Virginia[42] and Wisconsin[43] [edit] Scheduling and ratings Seasonal rankings (based on average total viewers per episode) of Deal or No Deal on NBC. Note: Each U.S. network television season starts in late September and ends in late May, which coincides with the completion of May sweeps. All times mentioned are in the Eastern and Pacific time zones. [edit] Season One (2005-2006) TV Season Timeslot Rank[44] Viewers (in millions)[44] 2005-2006 Monday 8:00 p.m. #13 15.8 Wednesday 8:00 p.m. #21 14.4 Friday 8:00 p.m. #32 11.6 Early ratings for the show were extremely encouraging. According to Zap2it, "all five shows [during the week beginning 12/19/05 and ending 12/25/05 finished in the top 15 among total viewers, peaking with 14.1 million people watching the Wednesday, 12/21/05 installment. For the week, Deal or No Deal averaged about 12.7 million viewers and a solid 4.3 rating in the adults 18-49."[45] The show appeared again on NBC each night 2/27/06 through 3/3/06 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT with the top prize (and some of the higher-valued cases other than the top prize) escalating until the prize reached $3 million (and the lowest-valued case going up to $.03). As of 3/6/06, the show settled into regular time slots at 8:00 p.m. Mondays and Fridays, with the top prize returning to its original $1 million. Wednesday episodes were added at 8:00 p.m. due to the show's consistent ratings success. In something of a ratings coup, the 4/3/06 episode of the show, a two-hour special, out performed the NCAA basketball tournament final in a head-to-head competition. During both of the two-hour shows, the second hour scored even higher ratings than the first. Since it became a regular series, Deal or No Deal consistently placed within the 20 most popular programs on television, at times attaining the top 10. The 6/5/06 two-hour season finale, which featured Celine Dion via satellite, marked a series-high rating for the program, bringing in over 18 million viewers and a strong 5.5 share in the 18-49 demographic. The episode was easily the highest-rated show on any network for the week of 6/5/06 through 6/11/06, outdistancing the number-two show, a repeat episode of CSI, by almost six million viewers. The finale experienced similar success in Canada, with 1.5 million viewers tuning in.[46][47] (However, CSI and virtually all other fall TV series had completed their seasons two weeks earlier and were either in reruns or pre-empted by this point.) [edit] Season Two (2006-2007) TV Season Timeslot Rank[48] Viewers (in millions)[48] 2006-2007 Monday 8:00 p.m. #14 14.9 Friday 8:00 p.m. #33 11.4 Wed/Thu/Sun 8:00 p.m. #41 10.3 The show returned with new episodes in September 2006, airing on Mondays and Fridays at 8:00 and Thursdays at 9:00 — the latter time slot being perhaps the most competitive in U.S. television, as Deal or No Deal faced a pair of big hit series in CBS's CSI and ABC Grey's Anatomy. Deal 's Thursday time slot had initially been intended for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip when NBC announced its fall schedule. However, the need to protect the new series against stiff ratings competition caused repercussions throughout the network's primetime grid, including a move on May 25[49] of Deal from its announced Friday time slot to Thursdays. The drama Crossing Jordan, which had been planned for a mid-season run, was to be brought into the Friday lineup in what would have been Deal 's second weekly time slot. However, after Deal or No Deal completed airing special episodes in that time slot to success, NBC moved Crossing Jordan back to midseason and used Deal on Fridays as well to help launch a sister series, 1 vs. 100. The show premiered with a two-hour edition on 9/18/06, and one-hour episodes that each aired on 9/19/06, 9/21/06 and 9/22/06. The show used a $21 million prize pot over the first week to kick off Season Two of the game, coupled with the at-home Lucky Case Game for $1 million. During the season premiere week in 2006, the main game had maximum amounts start at $1 million, and increased $1 million for each game, up to $6 million.[50] According to final Nielsen ratings for the week of 9/18/06 to 9/24/06, the second-season premiere episode of Deal or No Deal on Monday, 9/18/06 with Matty Sollena was the 11th most-watched network prime time show in total audience and NBC's most-watched program in total audience. The Friday episode of the show also did well in the ratings and won its time slot against the other networks. The Tuesday and Thursday episodes suffered from tough competition: Dancing with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy and CSI.[51] The success of Deal or No Deal was a factor in NBC's decision to program another Endemol game, 1 vs. 100, which premiered on 10/13/06 and assumed Deal's Friday night time slot on 10/27/06. Meanwhile, NBC announced the Thursday episodes would end with the 11/8/06 episode, to be replaced by sitcoms Scrubs and 30 Rock. Through all these changes, the Monday night edition of Deal continued to win its timeslot by a large margin. On Monday, 10/30/06, for instance, Deal won its time slot with a 10.3 household rating and 16 percent share, easily outdistancing second-place Prison Break at 5.6/8. During the November sweeps period, the ratings for Deal or No Deal on Thursday grew slightly despite heavy competition in the timeslot. NBC moved the second weekly episode of Deal or No Deal to Wednesday at 9 p.m. as of January 2007, and also added a few episodes at 7:00 p.m. Sundays in hopes of giving a boost to its new post-football lineup. NBC announced on 2/16/07 that the second airing would move from Wednesdays to Sundays at 9 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) starting 3/4/07. In March, the Monday Deal fell to second place in the time slot, behind the debuting fourth edition of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, the first edition of that show to include a Monday episode. [edit] Season Three (2007-2008) Following a season-premiere episode on Monday, Deal vacated its stable Monday night home in a last-second decision by NBC to give the timeslot to a drama series, Chuck, for which it had high hopes. (This move contradicted earlier statements from the network that it planned to exclusively use unscripted programming in the 8 PM hour.) Deal moved to a Wednesday/Friday schedule, pushing 1 vs. 100 to midseason. Both airings tended to win their timeslot in total viewers, with the Friday edition also winning in Adults 18-49 and the Wednesday edition placing second in that demographic behind ABC's Pushing Daisies. In another surprising move, NBC replaced the Wednesday airings for five weeks with a short-run reality series, Phenomenon, starting in late October. The new series' initial ratings were lower than what Deal was delivering. Due to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike, Deal's Friday edition moved back to Monday in January 2008, at least temporarily replacing Chuck. The Friday time slot was filled by the returning 1 vs.100 for seven episodes. 1 vs. 100 has taken another hiatus as of February 22, 2008, and has been replaced in the same time slot by the game show Amnesia, which premiered after 1 vs. 100 on February 22, 2008. [edit] Season Four (2008-2009) The new season began on August 25, 2008. Howie Mandel has stated that there will be at least one millionaire. The beginning of the fourth season also marked the return of an audience competition; the new "Beat the Banker" game brought back the interactivity from past seasons. Contestants can win $10,000 per show. [52] The first ever $1,000,000 prize was awarded to Jessica Robinson during the episode airing September 1, 2008. She was playing during the Million Dollar Mission, with five $1,000,000 cases. She turned down a final bank offer of $561,000 and decided to keep her case, number 4, to win the $1,000,000. After Robinson won, the "Million Dollar Mission" restarted with two $1,000,000 cases on the board. The second $1,000,000 prize was awarded to Tomorrow Rodriguez during the episode airing October 29, 2008. Like Jessica Robinson, Rodriguez also played during the Million Dollar Mission, with nine $1,000,000 cases. Her highest offer was $677,000, with three of the four cases still in play at the time holding $1,000,000. By eliminating the $300 case, which was in case number 15, she automatically won the top prize with fewer than the maximum number of offers (9) having been made. As of the October 24, 2008


episode, Coleen Fowler became the 250th contestant in the shows history (including contestants in unaired games that are known to exist.) Deal or No Deal aired its 200th episode celebration on the November 3rd broadcast, with a series of 4 speed round games with 4 different contestants. (Although this episode celebrates 200 episodes, NBC aired this out of place, and in reality, only 186 episodes have aired.)[citation needed] Six contestants between November 7th - December 29th had a chance to play for $2,000,000. Unlike other $2,000,000 episodes, the values of the cases aren't doubled, except for the $1,000,000 becoming $2,000,000 ($750,000 is also increased to $1,000,000 for these episodes). No one has walk home with $2,000,000 because they went home with a different case and/or they took the deal and sold it to the banker, but one contestant (Ashley Otte) sold her tray for $260,000 and had the $2,000,000 in her tray. Otte, if she had played to the end, would have had the highest bank offer of $1.1 Million. [edit] Cable NBC's sister business network, CNBC, aired episodes of the premiere week of Deal or No Deal starting on 12/26/05, scoring above-average ratings for the network. The show has been blacked out in Canada on that station due to programming rights issues in that country, and Canadian viewers were shown CNBC World programming instead. The show began to rerun again on CNBC during the week of 2/6/06 until 6/9/06. CNBC also programmed the second week-long series of the show but the sequence started two shows behind the airings on NBC. For Season Two, following a marathon of its premiere week, CNBC announced that Deal or No Deal re-airings would be back on Saturday nights starting 10/14/06, at 8 p.m., 11 p.m., and 3 a.m. ET. In addition, Deal reruns aired on CNBC every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m., 11 p.m., and 1 a.m. ET. Currently, the reruns air Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET and 11:00 p.m. ET. The reruns are not necessarily repeats of the most-recent episodes -- many of these episodes are selected at random, and may have been previously seen several months after its initial broadcast. In Canada, TVtropolis also airs the series, starting with the February 2006 premiere week of episodes. The five-episode run of Canadian shows were also aired on TVtropolis in August 2007. [edit] Production notes The original pilot was produced for ABC in early 2004 with British TV personality Patrick Kielty as host and a $2.5 million top prize. It was announced that the show would premiere in March 2004, but ABC decided against airing the series. Season One was taped at Sunset-Gower Studios in Los Angeles; however, early episodes were taped at CBS Television City in Hollywood. The show is currently being taped at The Culver Studios. [edit] Syndicated Version Main article: Deal or No Deal (U.S. syndicated game show) A daily half-hour syndicated version debuted on September 8, 2008, with Howie Mandel as host.[53] The syndicated version has a top prize of $500,000, hidden in one of the 22 cases held by contestants.[54] [edit] Special versions derived from the US version NBC and Endemol had produced a Spanish-language version of Deal or No Deal, which debuted 10/8/06, on their Telemundo Spanish language channel. Titled Vas o No Vas (Go or No Go), this version was hosted by Héctor Sandarti, who also hosted the Mexican version of the same name for Televisa. The top prize was $250,000.[55] The episodes that aired on 11/5/06 and 12/17/06, saw contestants win $180,500 and a Ford F-150 for a total of over $200,000, an all-time record for an American-based Spanish-language game show. However, this version was not as successful as the English version — in May 2007, Telemundo announced its cancellation. After the conclusion of Super Bowl XLI on 2/4/07, Global in Canada debuted Deal or No Deal Canada, a special Canadian version of Deal or No Deal. This version of the show, taped 1/23/07 to 1/25/07 in Toronto, features Howie, a Toronto native, as host. The series ran for five hour-long episodes.[56] Applications for auditioning were very similar to the NBC version, except that no videos are required.[57] The $400,000 was removed and had a Toonie put on the left side. Since Howie started filming again in Canada for Howie Do It, rumors have been spreading that Deal or No Deal Canada may be returning as a real Canadian series more than 5 episodes and even a syndicated Canadian version. Also in Canada, TVA has produced a French-Canadian version of Deal or No Deal called Le Banquier, named after the mysterious figure that contestants must make deals with to obtain as much money as possible. The show, which is practically the same as the US version, has 26 cases with a $500,000 top prize. (There was one game with a $750,000 top prize) The only difference is that the models on the top row (cases 21 to 26) are men. All US and Canadian editions are produced by Endemol USA, with the US and Canadian English versions both using Scott St. John as Executive Producer and R. Brian DiPirro as Director. [edit] Hiatus In January 2009, the prime-time version was put on hiatus and reruns are now shown on CNBC. TVTropolis stopped showing the prime time and syndicated versions and Mandel has now been working more on his new Canadian-American made show Howie Do It. [edit] Episodes [edit] Season Four (2008-2009) As was stated, games have a tendency to be themed around the contestant, depending on their info. Howie states that they do this "to make the contestant feel comfortable". This has happened since early in the second season. Date Theme Brief Description 1/1/09 New Year's Day Two-hour special with two side-games to go along with the main game. One side-game had a $10,000 bonus. Nine of the 13 smallest-amount cases had a plaque reading "Happy New Year!" The player would win the bonus by opening all nine "Happy New Year!" cases before the game was over for a chance to walk out of the game with $1,010,000. The other side-game involved a surprise 2009 case, which was a 2009 Ford Flex (valued at $45,190), for the contestant who said "No Deal" until the end. The second player of the show Tunde Oyeneyin, a makeup artist originally from Houston, did win both the $10,000 bonus and the car, along with her case's amount of $100,000. Also Kimberly Caldwell was a supporter as both were born in the same town. The other contestant Brien Crowder of Antioch (Tenn) won $234,000 and quit with 8 cases left. A very exciting entertaining show with Howie and Brien exchanging one liners. 12/25/08 Christmas The 2-hour special had snow all across the set, and the set had different color changes during a game except for the bank offer segment. A father of 13 from the Calhoun family rotated rounds with 2 of his children, Gina and Joshua. SSG Matthew Zedwick, a veteran from Oregon, who had received a Purple Heart and a Silver Star, played the game for the second hour.[citation needed] The models came down to the tune of "Deck the Halls," carried 26 gift boxes in place of the cases (opened in the form of the UK version, but from the side) and gave out 11 gifts at intervals throughout the games, typically between rounds or before breaks, to the lucky audience. For the contestant, a special "reindeer game" was played. Nine of the smallest-amount boxes each contained the name of one of Santa's reindeer (including Rudolph); finding all of them awarded the player $25,000 in addition to whatever he/she won in the main game for a chance to walk out of the game with $1,025,000. Only the second player received this prize, adding it to the $202,000 deal he accepted; the first player took a deal of $107,000 when Vixen ($5, which ended up being in his gift box) and Rudolph ($.01) remained alongside the $400,000 case.[citation needed] 11/21/08 & 11/26/08 Thanksgiving The shows were Thanksgiving themed shows that aired just before the Thanksgiving holiday, and the cases were replaced with trays, with a live turkey movie replacing the skyline. On the money board, the bars displaying the money amounts looked like ears of corn. On the second show, contestant Ashley Otte proved that she didn't like turkeys, so the Banker challenged her to live turkeys. That live turkey thing stopped when she sold her $2,000,000 tray; becoming the 20th player to miss the top prize, as well as the second player ever to call to the podium an amount greater than $1,000,000 (The first player, Matthew Sollena picked out $3,000,000 and sold his case for $675,000; that happened on the second episode of the second season. Sollena would have been the biggest winner in game show history off of a single day total.). [edit] Season Three (2007-2008) Date Theme Brief Description 5/14/08 Around The World The Deal or No Deal game is moved to South Africa for the third and final stop on Deal Or No Deal: Around The World special. 5/07/08 Around The World The Deal or No Deal game is moved to Estonia for the second stop on Deal Or No Deal: Around The World special. 5/05/08 Around The World The Deal or No Deal game is moved to the Philippines for the first stop on Deal Or No Deal: Around The World special. 4/28/08 Star Wars Two fans of the Star Wars franchise played for up to $1,000,000 in a winner-take-all episode. The player who had won more money in his/her game took both players' winnings. The models dressed as Stormtroopers and Princess Leia, and Darth Vader filled in as the banker. Carrie Fisher, R2-D2 and Chewbacca all made guest appearances. (Matt Sloan reprised his role Darth Vader from Soulcalibur IV and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Matt Sloan is also from the Chad Vader series, but, he did not appear as Chad Vader himself.) 4/16/08 Spring Break Special 2 Four college students from the Sigma Chi fraternity of USC played together in another Spring Break episode. The models were once again clad in bikinis. The banker was up to his devious tricks again, as he brought out Sigma Chi's rival fraternity midway through the game and made one of the Sigma Chi members swim in oatmeal for an additional $30,000. 4/14/08 Spring Break Special 1 The models wore bikinis and two college students played for the million dollar prize in a special Spring Break episode of Deal or No Deal. 4/9/08 Superheroes Contestant Josh Akuna's love of superhero comics became the focal point of this episode in a number of ways. Midway through the game, the models still holding active cases all changed into matching hero costumes. The Banker was seen in full light for the first time as well, a variant on a hero revealing his secret identity, but he had put on a clown mask to hide his face (and because of Akuna's fear of clowns). Finally, Josh accepted a deal that included a guest appearance in an upcoming issue of the Uncanny X-Men comic series. 3/17/08 Eyeglasses Contestant Linda Gerard, who once sang with Barbra Streisand, has a fetish for bizarre eyeglasses. As an average viewer would expect, Howie and the models all wore glasses similar to hers in her honor, though Howie quickly took his off. 1/23/08 Beauty Pageant The


models came out wearing beauty pageant sashes with their names and respective case numbers on them as a way to celebrate contestant Britney Lewzader, a former beauty pageant contestant. 1/21/08 Sanitation Appreciation To make contestant John Buonviaggio, a retired sanitation worker, feel right in his element, the cases were replaced with conventional aluminum trash cans, with the dollars amounts placed underneath their respective lids. A memorable blooper occurred in this game when the lid of can #10 was lifted to reveal a missing dollar amount, which had fallen off the lid and into the can (a similar incident happened on a 2006 episode of the UK version, except the amount fell onto the floor rather than in the box). 1/9/08 Hawaiian To make contestant Brad Falcon, a native of Hawaii, feel right at home, the models wore traditional Hawaiian leis around their necks. 1/7/08 Motocross Contestant Guy Goudeau is a big fan of Motocross racing. For his introduction, Guy came on stage riding his bike. Video clips of Guy racing were shown. And midway through the game, Motocross champion Bubba Stewart came on the show also on his bike to provide Guy with extra moral support. 1/6/08 Groovy 70’s & Radical 80’s This was a two-part theme episode. The first part was dedicated to the 70’s where the entire set was transformed to look like a disco club, the models were dressed in "groovy" disco suits, and Howie bared his chest. Contestant Nick Abdullah, who is a big disco fan himself, also dressed in his formal disco suit. The second part was dedicated to the 80’s. Again, the set was transformed to look like a retro club, and the models were dressed in "totally cool" retro outfits. In addition, 80’s superstars Deborah Gibson & Corey Feldman appeared as supporters for contestant Teresa Troglio, a self-proclaimed child of the 80’s. 1/3/08 Pigs Contestant Heather McKee, a pig farmer from Oklahoma, is all about pigs. She brought along her personal piggy bank with the anticipation of filling it with a million dollars. When the Banker asked to see her piggy bank, he cruelly smashed it to pieces. Feeling down about what just happened, the show wanted to cheer Heather up and make her feel as if she was back on the farm. So they empty out the audience sitting in one of the pit areas, and transformed it into a pig stable. In keeping with the theme, the models had their hair in pigtails. And as a joke, Howie also had some fake pigtails that he put on for a second before giving them to one of Heather’s supporters. After her game, and on the official Deal or No Deal website, Heather’s piggy bank, which was thought to be broken by the Banker, was not broken after all, and was returned to Heather at the very end. 12/25/07 Christmas The set was filled with decorations associated with the holiday season. The models wore fashionable Christmas attire, and held Christmas-wrapped cases. And Howie surprised the audience by giving out 12 gifts in his Twelve Days of Christmas' Gift Giving. 12/11/07 Broadway Musicals This theme was part of a bigger theme on Deal or No Deal called What's the Deal? week. Contestant Mary Banford is a huge fan of Broadway Musicals. So to make her feel comfortable, the audience in both sides of the pit area was replaced by a Broadway orchestra which played short numbers depending on how her game progressed. Also the stage lights were fixed to give a dramatic Broadway feel to the game. Mary said “Deal” to the ultimate fan experience of her favorite musical Wicked. 12/10/07 Boxing This theme was part of a bigger theme on Deal or No Deal called What's the Deal? week. Contestant Eric Serpico is a huge fan of boxing. So as a treat, famed boxing announcer Michael Buffer was introduced to get Eric’s game off to a great start. Midway through the game, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard appeared on the show to provide moral support for Eric. 12/7/07 Summer in December The set was transformed to look like a beach. The models were clad in fashionable beachwear while Howie was in a black shirt and swim trunks. 11/21/07 Thanksgiving The set was filled with decorations associated with Thanksgiving. In addition, a giant pumpkin pie was placed in the pit area where the audiences normally sit, right in-front of the large visual display board. And throughout the episode, Deal or No Deal presented its Top Ten Greatest Moments in show history. 11/9/07 Green Week and Boy Bands The Green Week episode was part of NBC’s week long Green is Universal campaign. The models wore green dresses made from recycled parachutes. Green information & tips were given out periodically throughout the show. Also the ultimate green celebrity, Kermit the Frog, appeared as one of contestant Danny Pecoraro’s supporters. Danny, who used to be part of a boy band, had videos of his boy-band days exposed to by the Banker, with no success of bringing him down. Midway through the game, the Banker then assembled a boy band that he appropriately called The Banker Boyz to hopefully get Danny to accept one of his offers. 10/19/07 Breast Cancer Awareness October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To celebrate, the models wore pink dresses, and held pink cases. Howie did his part by slipping on a pair of pink socks. And breast cancer survivor Ashlee Mundy was the contestant on this special episode. Besides her supporters, joining Ashlee in her fight against breast cancer, and the quest for a million dollars were Sharon Osbourne, Alec Baldwin, and Elizabeth Edwards (the wife of 2008 Presidential candidate John Edwards). 9/28/07 Family Night In the first part of the Family Night episode, contestant Charlene Miranda’s son Ayden was introduced, and assisted Howie with hosting duties. In the second part, the Drew Family became the first family to play for a million dollars at the same time. 9/19/07 NFL Contestant George Barnes is the ultimate NFL fan. So as a surprise, the entire Deal or No Deal set was decorated with logos and decals of NFL teams, while the models sported team jerseys. Besides his supporters, joining him in his quest for a million dollars were NFL greats Jerry Rice, Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, Kordell Stewart, Wayne Chrebet, Terrell Davis, Rod Woodson and Marshall Faulk. [edit] Season Two (2006-2007) Date Theme Brief Description 6/18/07 Laurel Martin To tie a particular theme to contestant Laurel Martin was not possible. Therefore, the contestant herself was the theme in the Season-Two Finale of Deal or No Deal. Laurel Martin, a preschool teacher, has three important loves in her life. Number one is family. Number two is action movies. And number three is the color red. For the family part, Laurel brought every family member of hers to her game. In the middle of her game, personal family portraits were blown up and displayed all through the stage area. For the action movie part, actor Danny Glover made a personal guest appearance on the show since teachers are near-and-dear to Danny’s heart, and he is most well-known as Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series of action films, of which Laurel loves. Finally for the color red, the remaining models changed into red dresses. 6/13/07 Miami Heat & Calypso Two themes were incorporated for contestant Arthur Joseph, a proud native of Trinidad and Tobago who is a super fan of the Miami Heat basketball team. So to make him feel comfortable, the models came out sporting Heat jerseys. And in his introduction, a steelpan Calypso group led Arthur and his supporters out to the stage. The group would continue to play during commercial breaks and at the end when Arthur’s game was finished. Arthur said “Deal” to the ultimate Miami Heat experience, which among its many perks included the Heat organization going to his native country of Trinidad and Tobago and refurbishing one basketball court with the Heat logo on it in his honor. 6/5/07 Deal or No Deal at Home The first round of this particular game was played at the home of contestant Mary Mirolla before returning to the regular stage for the remainder of the game. 5/21/07 Heroes This theme was part of a bigger theme that night on NBC as the hit drama itself, Heroes, followed Deal or No Deal that night as it has been every Monday night during the 06-07 season. In this episode, the contestant was Wesley Autrey, a real life hero from New York who saved a man from being run over by a subway train. Service officers who were awarded for their act bravery also took part in Wesley’s game as supporters and briefcase holders along side the models. 5/7/07 The 100th Episode The stage was set, and past contestants (including some of the biggest winners ever) came back for the 100th episode of Deal or No Deal. Jay Leno, Regis Philbin and Ozzy Osbourne made cameo appearances via satellite to congratulate Howie and the show. The lucky contestant for this special occasion was Brooks Leach, who became the first contestant to play the game twice, and was one of the most entertaining contestants in show history. Previously, Brooks appeared on the 11/27/06 episode going all the way in his game, but went home with only $10 despite being offered numerous six-figure amounts from the Banker. For the record, Brooks again went all the way in his second game, but has only $400 to show for his effort. 5/6/07 Mardi Gras Contestant Julie Lonero is a native of New Orleans. So to make her feel right at home, the set was filled with decorations associated with the Mardi Gras. Among the decorations was a giant parade float of Howie’s head which stood at the very top of the models' temple. 3/19/07 Ladies' Night For this


episode, everybody in the audience was female. Even the models took the night off and sat with the audience, as firefighters from the Los Angeles and San Diego Fire Departments guest star as briefcase models in this special Ladies Night edition of Deal or No Deal. 3/12/07 High School Prom Night Contestant Jessica Howard made it known on the show that she never went to her high school prom. So as a consolation, Deal or No Deal set up a prom-like atmosphere early on in the game, and rushed her backstage during commercial break to prep her for a night she will never forget. Her prom date for this special occasion was her husband. 3/12/07 Military Night A festive military atmosphere was the theme for this game as members from each branch of the military came to Deal or No Deal to cheer on and salute contestant General Hugh Neisler. 3/5/07 Afros To honor contestant Anteia Greer, who is “all about the fro,” the models wore pink afro wigs to go with their pink dresses midway through the game. Hayley Marie Norman was the only model not wearing a wig for obvious reasons. (On the other hand, models on other international versions of the show do wear wigs regularly, such as Australia’s version or the Netherlands' Miljoenenjacht.) 3/4/07 WWE Contestant Rick Achberger is a huge fan of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He is best known in that community as the Sign Guy for his signature clothing attire (blue working man’s shirt & red cap) and the numerous poster-board signs that he brings to every WWE event he attends. In typical Sign Guy fashion, Rick came on Deal or No Deal as if it was another WWE event wearing the same clothing and bringing numerous signs that he made personally for the show. And if that wasn’t enough, wrestling superstars Randy Orton and Edge came on the show as the Banker’s henchmen aiming to take down Rick, while John Cena and Bobby Lashley came on to support Rick in his quest for the million dollars. 2/21/07 Greek Celebration Contestant Dimitra Apostolopoulos is a Greek woman who is proud of her heritage. So as a way of celebrating the Greeks, stacks of dishes were setup by the supporters’ area. And every time Dimitra opened a small amount, in typical Greek fashion, she and her supporters broke dishes in celebration. OPA!!! Even Howie joined in on the fun on one occasion, but he continuously had trouble saying Dimitra’s last name. So as a way to compensate, he asked model Patricia Kara, who is also Greek, to stick around for the whole game to help him with the pronunciation. 2/12/07 America and "Go Red for Women" Movement Two themes were incorporated in this episode. The first theme was for contestant Donato DeMarinis, an epitome of a true American, who came on the show wearing an American flag looking jacket and glittery red, white & blue shoes. To honor Donato, a large American flag was hung from the rafters above the models' temple. The second theme was the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Movement, which was sponsor by the Campbell Soup Company and their Healthy Request Soups. Their goal was to fight heart disease among women. The models wore Campbell-Soup red dresses. And for one week after the episode aired, these dresses were auctioned off online, and all the proceeds went to American Heart Association for this particular cause. 1/31/07 Bass Fishing One of contestant Will Edmond, Jr. favorite hobbies is bass fishing. The next time he appeared on Deal or No Deal, he brought along a fresh bass for Howie, which he hesitantly held, then brought it towards the models to show off before putting it on the floor where the models too were standing. One of the Banker’s offers to Will was a bass boat and an all expense paid trip to fish with Bassmaster Roland Martin. 1/24/07 Live Music Contestant Jackie Monroe is a huge fan of live music. So as a surprise, part of the set was transformed to look like a live concert venue with musical instruments and everything. As an even bigger surprise, Jackie’s favorite band, Hanson, came on the show to support her in her quest for a million dollars. 1/22/07 NASCAR Contestant Charlyn Speth is a big fan of NASCAR. Therefore, the regular silver cases were replaced with checkered flag ones in her honor. 1/07/07 Grease This episode was a precursor to NBC’s newest reality TV competition Grease: You're the One that I Want!. Besides that, Grease was also contestant Kathy Beck’s favorite movie, claiming to have seen it over 300 times. Throughout the game, the models wore two different outfits from the movie. First one was a poodle skirt, and the second was a tight black T-Bird outfit. Grease star Olivia Newton-John even made a call-in appearance to the show. 1/3/07 The Color Orange Contestant Tommy Terpening is a huge fan of the color orange. Therefore the models wore orange dresses in his honor. 12/25/06 Christmas The set was filled with decorations associated with the holiday season. The models wore red holiday dresses, and held Christmas wrapped cases. Even Santa stopped by to give gifts to members of the audience. 12/18/06 Chuck Taylor All-Stars Shoes Contestant Brian Miller is a big fan of the Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars shoes, even got married in them. Therefore Howie and the models all wore the Chuck Taylor All-Stars in his honor. 11/23/06 Thanksgiving The set was filled with decorations associated with Thanksgiving, and the models had on shimmering autumn-colored dresses. 11/20/06 Lime Green Anything on Deal or No Deal that could turn lime green was turn into lime green. From the models' dresses, their cases, Howie’s dress shirt, his shoes, the whole stage lights, the visual displays, and even the “Deal” button. They were done for contestant Zanny Henseler, the self-proclaimed “Lime-Green Queen.” Zanny said “Deal” after the Banker offered her a 2007 lime green Cadillac Escalade, her dream car. 10/19/06 Animals Contestant Jed Dodds, a zookeeper by trade, brought along some of his four-legged, feathery and furry friends to Deal or No Deal, much to the discomfort of Howie. In one of the Banker’s offers, he got somebody who he said could “speak Jed’s language,” and hopefully convince him to take one of his deal. That somebody was a chimp all dressed up in a suit and tie. 10/13/06 USPS Halfway through the game the remaining models changed into United States Postal Service (USPS) uniforms for contestant Jim Maida, a postal employee. 10/5/06 The Deal or No Deal Models Contestant Latoshia Odom admired the models, and wished she could be one of them. So the next time she appeared on the show, she got her wish. She came out wearing the same dress that her model counterparts were wearing for her game. One of the Banker's offers to Latoshia was a souvenir case # 27 along with a cash offer of $83,000. [edit] Season One (2005-2006) Date Theme Brief Description 4/12/06 Miss USA 26 delegates from the Miss USA 2006 appeared as models for this special episode. [edit] Top Ten Greatest Moments (11/21/07) The Thanksgiving 2007 episode featured a list of the top ten greatest moments in the show’s history dating from the series first episode up until this particular point. The moments are as followed: Rank Moment 10. Contestant Zanny Henseler is offered her dream car from the Banker, a 2007 lime green Cadillac Escalade, an offer Zanny enthusiastically accepts. 9. Contestant Anteia Greer anxiously awaits the offer of $189,000, to which she then stumbles to the floor in disbelief. 8. Deal or No Deal is on location at the house of contestant Mary Mirolla. 7. Contestant Lauren Potter and her family are in for a big surprise family reunion as one of the models is actually Lauren’s sister holding case #21. 6. Contestant Michele Falco becomes the biggest winner to date on Deal or No Deal winning $750,000. She is now surpassed by Jessica Robinson and Tomorrow Rodriguez winning the $1,000,000. 5. Contestant Charlene Miranda's son Ayden helps Howie out with hosting duties. 4. Contestant Malaika Merrick gets proposed to on Deal or No Deal. 3. Contestant Nondumiso Sainsbury gets a surprised family reunion from her brothers and most importantly her mother all the way from South Africa. 2. Deal or No Deal goes to The Oprah Winfrey Show. 1. Contestant Casey Bell is surprised by her favorite singer, Celine Dion. [edit] Howie's Twelve Days of Christmas (12/25/07) A new spin was put on the classic Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas for the Christmas 2007 episode, as Howie presented twelve different gifts to each member of the audience, while the models pass them out. The list of gifts is as followed: Gift # Item 1 Deal or No Deal Howie Talking Bobblehead Doll. 2 $200 and tickets to Nickelodeon Movies’ The Spiderwick Chronicles. 3 Nintendo DS System featuring Brain Age 2 and DSI Games' Deal or No Deal. 4 Digital photo frame courtesy of Aluratek. 5 Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner courtesy of iRobot. 6 A $100 gift card to BP service stations. 7 Archos 605 Wi-Fi Portable Media Player. 8 Ultreo ultrasound toothbrush. 9 Backstage pass to Universal Studios Hollywood. 10 Palm Treo 750


Windows mobile phone with 30 days of unlimited service from AT&T. 11 Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth headset. 12 Round-trip airplane ticket courtesy of JetBlue Airways. [edit] Gifts of Christmas 2006 (12/25/06) Not to be outdone, the Christmas 2006 episode also featured gifts for the audience members. The list of these gifts is as followed: Gift # Item Grand Prize 1 A 50-inch Plasma-Screen TV, Laptop Computer, and an Apple iPod Video courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.^ Grand Prize 2 A trip for 4 for a five-night stay at the Radisson Resort Spa & Casino in Aruba courtesy of JetBlue Airways.^ 3 A penny, courtesy of the Banker. 4 A digital camera courtesy of MyPoints.com. 5 Hasbro’s Itsy-Bitsy Spider-Man Dancing Plush Doll, plus a $100 gift card to HasbroToyShop.com. 6 A year-long subscription to Netflix. 7 A year-long membership to Bally Total Fitness. 8 A gift bag featuring a round-trip certificate courtesy of JetBlue Airways. 9 A $100 gift card to Albertsons. ^ For each grand prize, only two members of the studio audience went home with these gifts as the winners were determined by small gift boxes placed underneath each audience members' respective seats. The audience members whose boxes had a piece of paper with the word "Deal" inside went home with the Grand Prize. [edit] Special offers by the Banker The Banker sometimes encourages contestants to sell their cases by offering prizes, sometimes worth tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to or in lieu of a cash offer. [edit] Season Four (2008-2009) Date Contestant Prize(s) Value Additional Cash Offer Grand Total Deal or No Deal 12/29/2008 Davon Clark An admission to training camp for the Los Angeles Lakers in Hawaii with 2 preseason games, two tickets to two home games next season, and a chance to hang out with Kobe Bryant after a game, with a pair of autographed Nike shoes $5,000 $383,000 $388,000 Deal 10/31/08 Vinny LaSalvia "1983 Chevy Chevette" $4,000 $4,000 $8,000 No Deal 9/01/08 Jessica Robinson "Texas soil" (sand and manure) $0 $85,000 $85,000 No Deal 8/25/08 Koshka Blagburn* A Biggest Loser package, including a lifetime membership to the club, and a personal training session with Jillian Michaels $17,500 $95,000 $112,500 No Deal * Koshka was also given an incentive by the Banker: if she rejected all her offers, and accepted one of the final two cases, she would win, in addition to whatever her case held, a trip to New York to audition for famed casting director Bernard Telsey, and given a walk-on role for the Broadway musical Hairspray. Blagburn did so, and won $5,000 plus the trip, but she would have won $1,000,000 had she switched cases. [edit] Season Three (2007-2008) Date Contestant Prize(s) Value Additional Cash Offer Grand Total Deal or No Deal 5/14/08 Allison Doheny Trip to New York to visit Martha Stewart and Stewart's staff wedding planner $3,200 $22,000 $25,200+++ Deal 4/21/08 LeTia Soney Dinner and a private lesson with Billy Blanks and an appearance in a Tae-Bo video $5,100 $15,000 $20,100 Deal++ 4/14/08 Kerinne Bratty A date with Lindsay Clubine for her brother $5,000 $93,000 $98,000 No Deal 4/9/08 Josh Akuna Being immortalized in a Marvel comic no value mentioned $189,000 $189,000 Deal 3/10/08 Carla Antonino Being moved out of her parents' house (her belongings were being packed up) no value mentioned $53,000 $53,000 No Deal^ 1/23/08 Britney Lewzader A lifetime supply of cotton swabs $3,000 $365,000 $368,000 No Deal 1/14/08 Margarita Montijo Flying lessons $15,000 $40,000 $55,000 Deal 1/9/08 Brad Falcon Additional cash for cutting his beard (three different occasions) $5,000; $10,000; $25,000 $172,000; $153,000; $235,000 respectively $177,000; $163,000; $260,000 Deal (on $260,000) 12/11/07 Mary Banford A dream package to the Tony Award-winning musical Wicked $12,000 $50,000 $62,000 Deal 9/19/07 George Barnes An Indianapolis Colts dream package, plus a 2008 GMC Denali $66,900 $50,000 $116,900 No Deal+ ^After Carla rejected the offer, her belongings were dumped onto the floor. +After George rejected the offer, the GMC Denali was awarded to a random person in the audience. ++At the end of the show, LeTia played the Deal Wheel and doubled the total value of the deal to $40,200. +++Doheny also received an extra $10,000 from the South African Banker for eating 5 mopani worms, making the total deal value $35,200. [edit] Season Two (2006-2007) Date Contestant Prize(s) Value Additional Cash Offer Grand Total Deal or No Deal 6/13/07 Arthur Joseph A Miami Heat dream package $60,700 $10,000 $70,700 Deal 6/5/07 Mary Mirolla An all-expense paid trip to see The Wiggles perform in concert in Brisbane, Australia $17,174 $0 $17,174 No Deal 4/2/07 Jamar White A VIP audition for NBC’s reality series Last Comic Standing $0 $35,000 $35,000 No Deal 3/26/07 Stan Stava A date with the sister of model Lisa Gleave (in reality, a man dressed in drag) $0 $87,000 $87,000 No Deal 3/19/07 Annie Hewlett & Aubrey Wentworth A lifetime supply of Doublemint gum $4,250 $27,000 $31,250 No Deal 3/11/07 Uzma Lone A sleeping bag & pillow (for the contestant’s mother) $10 $53,000 $53,010 No Deal 3/5/07 Anteia Greer A car door with power windows & locks $2,350 $101,000 $103,350 No Deal 2/14/07 Kate Miller A credit card with a $36,000 credit line $36,000 $0 $36,000 No Deal 1/31/07 Will Edmond Jr. A 2007 Ranger V-288 Bass Boat, plus an all-expense paid trip to Lake Okeechobee to fish with Bassmasters legend Roland Martin $38,350 $77,000 $115,350 No Deal 1/7/07 Kathy Beck A large vat of grease (for a fan of Grease) $300 $10,000 $10,300 No Deal 11/27/06 Brooks Leach A lifetime supply of Sprecher Root Beer $26,657.28 $0 $26,657.28 No Deal 11/23/06 Becky Spears The pleasure of seeing Howie pie the Banker $0 $17,000 $17,000 No Deal^ 11/20/06 Zanny Henseler A 2007 Lime Green Cadillac Escalade $83,755 $0 $83,755 Deal 11/17/06 Zanny Henseler 658,500 aluminum cans $20,000 $0 $20,000 No Deal 11/13/06 Peter Shine Two dozen doughnuts+ no value mentioned $136,000 $136,000 No Deal 10/16/06 Tammy Fuller A New York Jets dream package $28,800 $70,000 $98,800 No Deal 10/12/06 PJ Dykes A Massey Ferguson tractor $33,620 $155,000 $188,620 No Deal 10/5/06 Latoshia Odom A model’s case, numbered 27 no value mentioned $83,000 $83,000 No Deal ^ Howie went ahead and pied the Banker anyway after the game was over. +In reality, only 1 dozen donuts were shown in the case (6 on the top, 6 on the bottom) [edit] Season One (2005-2006) Date Contestant Prize(s) Value Additional Cash Offer Grand Total Deal or No Deal 5/15/06 Renee Stokes A Harley-Davidson motorcycle $18,000 $99,000 $117,000 No Deal 5/1/06 Randy Smith A Dallas Cowboys dream package for his entire family (tickets to every home game in the 2006 season, with all expenses paid to and from Dallas) $40,000 $0 $40,000 No Deal 4/26/06 LaKissa Bright A hair transplant (for the contestant’s husband) $15,000 $134,000 $149,000 No Deal 4/5/06 Hans Hartleben A pony (for the contestant’s daughter) no value mentioned $44,000 $44,000 Deal 3/30/06 Michael Wallace A 2006 Hummer H3 $40,000 $17,000 $57,000 No Deal [edit] Special Guest Stars Occasionally special guest stars would make appearances on Deal or No Deal. Most of the time, they were there to provide support to contestants who are big fan of theirs. The list of stars is as followed: [edit] Season Four (2008-2009) Date Guest Star(s) Contestant Appearing For Additional Information 1/1/09 Kimberly Caldwell Tunde Oyeneyin Was a supporter for Tunde as both are from the same city in Houston, Texas. 12/29/08 Kobe Bryant Davon Clark Kobe called into the studio to present to him a special offer that he enthusiastically accepts. 11/14/08 Tony Hawk Robert Arellano 8/25/08 Aretha Franklin Koshka Blagburn The singer called into the studio to wish Koshka, an aspiring actress good luck in the game and when she makes it on Broadway. [edit] Season Three (2007-2008) Date Guest Star(s) Contestant Appearing For Additional Information 4/28/08 Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, Chewbacca (as portrayed by Peter Mayhew), Matt Sloan as Darth Vader, and R2-D2 (as portrayed by Kenny Baker) Elyse McCrillis, Brad Flinchum The Star Wars cast made an appearance to help two contestants who are fans of the franchise. In addition, Darth Vader is the special guest Banker for that episode. 4/21/08 President George W. Bush Capt. Joseph Kobes President Bush made an appearance in a taped message for the contestant, a US Army transportation officer and Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient who had served three tours of duty in Iraq.[58][59] 2/27/08 Cedric the Entertainer Larren Colum The actor-comedian paid a visit to the show to support Larren, and brought along his own pair of boxer-shorts considering it was a good luck charm to the contestant. 1/16/08 Ellen DeGeneres and Brigadier General Dana J.H. Pittard Shequila Farrelly Ellen became the first celebrity on Deal or No Deal to appear as a model. General Pittard appeared on the show to present Shequila, a dedicated army wife, the Commanding General's Coin. 1/7/08 Bubba Stewart Guy Goudeau The Motocross superstar appeared on the show riding his bike. 1/6/08 Deborah Gibson and Corey Feldman Teresa Troglio These 80's superstars appeared on the show as part of the 80’s theme episode. 12/25/07 Da Brat The rapper was spotted sitting in the audience. She did not appear for a particular contestant.[citation needed] 12/12/07 Brian Baumgartner, Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nuñez Anthony Moreira The accountants from NBC’s hit show The Office made their appearances on Deal or No Deal. 12/11/07 Megan Hilty Mary Banford The star of the Tony Award winning musical, Wicked, appeared on Deal or No Deal to offer Mary the ultimate fan experience to the successful musical. 11/9/07 Kermit the Frog (performed by Steve Whitmire) Danny Pecoraro The famous Muppet appeared as part of Green Week on the show. Danny happens to be a fan of the famous frog. 10/19/07 Sharon Osbourne, Alec Baldwin and Elizabeth Edwards Ashlee Mundy Sharon appeared in person, while Alec and Elizabeth appeared via satellite on the Breast Cancer Awareness episode. 9/19/07 Jerry Rice, Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, Kordell Stewart, Wayne Chrebet, Terrell Davis, Rod Woodson and Marshall Faulk. George Barnes These NFL greats all appeared in special NFL theme episode. 9/17/07 Donald Trump Donna DiBiase For the second time, Trump appeared on the show, this time however as the Banker for the Season Three premiere of Deal or No Deal. unaired LeAnn Rimes Halie Swan The country music star made an appearance on the show to support Halie. This episode was to be aired in the fall of 2007, and was the original first game of the first Million Dollar Mission "M$M". In that episode, Halie eliminated the two $1,000,000 cases she had in the first round of play. As a result, the producers felt the episode was a bad start to the mission and ultimately decided against airing this episode. Halie nevertheless was able to keep the $50,000 that she won on the show. To this date, this particular episode has not been officially aired on NBC.[60] [edit] Season Two (2006-2007) Date Guest Star(s) Contestant Appearing For Additional Information 6/18/07 Danny Glover Laurel Martin The famous actor has a soft spot for educators. Therefore, he made a personal cameo appearance in the Season Two finale to praise Laurel, a preschool teacher. 6/13/07 Fred Armisen Jesse Puttananickal The Saturday Night Live star appeared on the show dressed as a live-action version of Deal Man, a cartoon character drawn up by Jesse. 6/13/07 Dwyane Wade Arthur Joseph One of the Banker’s offer was the ultimate Miami Heat fan package, which he had the Heat superstar introduced in a pre-recorded segment. 6/5/07 The Wiggles Mary Mirolla The children's musical group appeared from Mary’s house to present her the Banker’s first offer, which involved them. They were also present in the audience when the game moved from Mary's house to the studio. 5/7/07 Jay Leno, Regis Philbin and Ozzy Osbourne Brooks Leach For the second time, both talk show hosts appeared on the show. It was Ozzy’s first. All three appeared via satellite to congratulate the show on its 100th episode. Ozzy also wanted to wish one of his best fans, Brooks, the best of luck on his second game, or else he will “kick his butt.” 5/6/07 Larry King Julie Lonero The famous CNN talk show host appeared as the Banker before walking out of the booth, and giving up his duties to the regular Banker in the middle of the game. 4/2/07 Bill Bellamy Jamar White The host of NBC’s hit reality competition show Last Comic Standing, appeared on the show to offer Jamar, an aspiring comedian, a private audition to the show. 3/19/07 Martin Mullen and Matthew Mullen Annie Hewlett and Aubrey Wentworth The firefighters and stars of the 2006 NBC reality competition show, Treasure Hunters, appeared along with 24 other firefighters in this special Ladies Night edition of Deal or No Deal. 3/4/07 John Cena, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton and Edge Rick Achberger These four wrestling superstars came on the show to create mayhem for Rick, better known as the Sign Guy. 2/26/07 Joe Torre Wayne Ramos Torre, who was then the New York Yankees manager, appeared on the show via satellite to give words of encouragement to Wayne. 2/18/07 Dick Butkus and Scottie Pippen Tony Kolton These two Chicago sports icons appeared on the show to support Tony, a Chicago native. 2/12/07 Bobby Generic Donato DeMarinis Better known as Bobby from Bobby's World (of which Mandel created and starred in), he appeared as a cameo for Donato, who is a big fan, and asked the all-important question. "Deal or No Deal?" 2/5/07 Flavio Insinna Giuseppe Iannello Giuseppe, who is originally from Italy, is a fan of that country's version of Deal or No Deal, Affari Tuoi. Therefore via satellite, Howie surprised him with a greeting from their then host of the show. Max Giusti is the current host. 2/5/07 Magic Johnson Vicki Montzingo The former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player appeared on the show to give advice to Vicki in regards to the Banker’s offers. 1/31/07 Roland Martin Will Edmond, Jr. The Bassmaster appeared on the show on a brand new boat that was wheeled out by the models. Martin was part of a Banker’s offer to Will, a bass-fishing fanatic. 1/24/07 Hanson Jackie Monroe A surprise visit was made from Jackie’s favorite band midway through the show for moral support. 1/7/07 Olivia Newton-John Kathy Beck The star of Grease made a phone-in appearance to the show to give words of encouragement to Kathy. 12/25/06 Big Bird Lamar Wilson The Sesame Street star came on the show to support Lamar, and also to help him overcome a childhood fear he had of him. 11/23/06 Bob Costas, Cris Collinsworth, Sterling Sharpe and Jerome Bettis Joe Kaiser The cast of NBC's Football Night in America appeared via satellite to wish Joe the best of luck in his quest for a million dollars. [edit] Season One (2005-2006) Date Guest Star(s) Contestant Appearing For Additional Information 6/5/06 Celine Dion Casey Bell The multi platinum singer made a surprise guest appearance via satellite to support Casey, a huge fan who went on to see Celine performed live in Las Vegas. 5/22/06 Ben Roethlisberger Jeff Griffiths The Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl quarterback made his appearance via satellite to coach Jeff, a Steelers’ fan, through his game. 5/15/06 Jay Leno Renee Stokes The Tonight Show host enter the Deal or No Deal set with a brand new Harley-Davidson that he presented to Renee. 5/15/06 Regis Philbin Lauren Potter The host of Live with Regis and Kelly and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? made an appearance on Deal or No Deal, most importantly, to get the “final answer” from Lauren. 5/12/06 Matt Lauer Chad Pritchard Chad, an alumni of Ohio University, got some words of encouragement from the host of The Today Show, who is also an alumni of Ohio University. 4/12/06 26 Delegates from the Miss USA 2006 Pageant Bryan Kennedy The delegates guest starred as briefcase models in this special Miss USA edition of Deal or No Deal. 3/20/06 Riley Mandel Brett Sloan The daughter of the host appeared for her dad as a model in this special Take Our Daughter to Work Day edition of Deal or No Deal. 3/6/06 Nunzio Patrick Maritato The Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) star came on the show to support his brother Patrick. 3/3/06 Molly Sims This particular episode was a crossover to the hit NBC show Las Vegas. Sims, who plays Delinda Deline on the show, appeared on the Deal or No Deal set as her character to grab Howie for his plane to Vegas. The two then leave the stage, and head off in slow motion while the others remain behind. Howie was a guest star that night on Las Vegas. That was the reason for the crossover. 2/27/06 Donald Trump Peter Montesanti The billionaire real-estate developer and host of NBC’s hit reality series The Apprentice becomes the first guest star to appear on the show, giving Peter some expert dealing advice. [edit] References ^ "Variety.com". http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117996456.html?categoryid=14&cs=1. Retrieved on 2009-01-21. ^ "ICE Inc.’s Deal or No Deal Arcade Game". http://www.icegame.com/GameDetailMedia.aspx?ProductID=163. Retrieved on 2008-01-30. ^ "Pressman Toy’s Deal or No Deal Board Game". http://www.pressmantoy.com/. Retrieved on 2008-01-30. ^ "Cardinal Games’ Deal or No Deal Card Game". http://www.cardinalgames.com/. 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[edit] External links Official website USA Today Q&A with Howie Mandel [hide]v • d • eDeal or No Deal Argentina · Australia · Belgium · Brazil · Canada (English · French) · France · Germany · Hong Kong · Israel · Italy · Japan · Malaysia (Chinese · English) · Malta · Middle East · Netherlands (original · direct) · New Zealand · Philippines · Poland · Singapore · Spain · Sweden · Turkey (1 · 2) · United Kingdom · US (English NBC · English synd. · Spanish) Other international versions Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deal_or_No_Deal_(U.S._game_show)" Categories: 2005 television series debuts | 2000s American television series | Deal or No Deal | NBC network shows | American game shows | Television series by Endemol | Television series by NBC Universal Television

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Atlantic 10 Conference Charlotte - Bobby Lutz Dayton - Brian Gregory Duquesne - Ron Everhart Fordham - Dereck Whittenburg George Washington - Karl Hobbs La Salle - John Giannini Rhode Island - Jim Baron Richmond - Chris Mooney St. Bonaventure - Mark Schmidt Saint Joseph's - Phil Martelli Saint Louis - Rick Majerus Temple - Fran Dunphy UMass - Derek Kellogg Xavier - Sean Miller 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic 10 Conference

Atlantic Coast Conference Boston College - Al Skinner Clemson - Oliver Purnell Duke - Mike Krzyzewski Florida State - Leonard Hamilton Georgia Tech - Paul Hewitt Maryland - Gary Williams Miami (Florida) - Frank Haith North Carolina - Roy Williams North Carolina State - Sidney Lowe Virginia - Dave Leitao Virginia Tech - Seth Greenberg Wake Forest - Dino Gaudio 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic Coast Conference

Atlantic Sun Conference Belmont - Rick Byrd Campbell - Robbie Laing East Tennessee State - Murry Bartow Florida Gulf Coast - Dave Balza Jacksonville - Cliff Warren Kennesaw State - Tony Ingle Lipscomb - Scott Sanderson Mercer - Bob Hoffman North Florida - Matt Kilcullen Stetson - Derek Waugh USC Upstate - Eddie Payne 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic Sun Conference

Big 12 Conference Baylor - Scott Drew Colorado - Jeff Bzdelik Iowa State - Greg McDermott Kansas - Bill Self Kansas State - Frank Martin Missouri - Mike Anderson Nebraska - Doc Sadler Oklahoma - Jeff Capel III Oklahoma State - Travis Ford Texas - Rick Barnes Texas A&M - Mark Turgeon Texas Tech - Pat Knight 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big 12 Conference

Big East Conference Cincinnati - Mick Cronin Connecticut - Jim Calhoun DePaul - Jerry Wainwright Georgetown - John Thompson III Louisville - Rick Pitino Marquette - Buzz Williams Notre Dame - Mike Brey Pittsburgh - Jamie Dixon Providence - Keno Davis Rutgers - Fred Hill St. John's - Norm Roberts Seton Hall - Bobby Gonzalez South Florida - Stan Heath Syracuse - Jim Boeheim Villanova - Jay Wright West Virginia - Bobby Huggins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big East ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Big Sky Conference Eastern Washington - Kirk Earlywine Idaho State - Joe O'Brien Montana - Wayne Tinkle Montana State - Brad Huse Northern Arizona - Mike Adras Northern Colorado - Tad Boyle Portland State - Ken Bone Sacramento State - Brian Katz Weber State - Randy Rahe 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big Sky Conference

Big South Conference Charleston Southern - Barclay Radebaugh Coastal Carolina - Cliff Ellis Gardner-Webb - Rick Scruggs High Point - Bart Lundy Liberty - Ritchie McKay Presbyterian - Gregg Nibert Radford - Brad Greenberg UNC-Asheville - Eddie Biedenbach VMI - Duggar Baucom Winthrop - Randy Peele 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big South Conference

Big Ten Conference Illinois - Bruce Weber Indiana - Tom Crean Iowa - Todd Lickliter Michigan - John Beilein Michigan State - Tom Izzo Minnesota - Tubby Smith Northwestern - Bill Carmody Ohio State - Thad Matta Penn State - Ed DeChellis Purdue - Matt Painter Wisconsin - Bo Ryan 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big Ten Conference

Big West Conference Cal Poly - Kevin Bromley Cal State Fullerton - Bob Burton Cal State Northridge - Bobby Braswell Long Beach State - Dan Monson Pacific - Bob Thomason UC Davis - Gary Stewart UC Irvine - Pat Douglass UC Riverside - Jim Wooldridge UC Santa Barbara - Bob Williams 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big West Conference

Colonial Athletic Association Delaware - Monte Ross Drexel - Bruiser Flint George Mason - Jim Larranaga Georgia State - Rod Barnes Hofstra - Tom Pecora James Madison - Matt Brady Northeastern - Bill Coen Old Dominion - Blaine Taylor Towson - Pat Kennedy UNC-Wilmington - Benny Moss Virginia Commonwealth - Anthony Grant William & Mary - Tony Shaver 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Colonial Athletic Association

Conference USA East Carolina - Mack McCarthy Houston - Tom Penders Marshall - Donnie Jones Memphis - John Calipari Rice - Ben Braun Southern Methodist - Matt Doherty Southern Mississippi - Larry Eustachy Tulane - Dave Dickerson Tulsa - Doug Wojcik UAB - Mike Davis UCF - Kirk Speraw UTEP - Tony Barbee 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Conference USAJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Horizon League  - Butler - Brad Stevens Cleveland State - Gary Waters Detroit - Ray McCallum Loyola (Chicago) - Jim Whitesell UIC - Jimmy Collins UW-Green Bay - Tod Kowalczyk UW-Milwaukee - Rob Jeter Valparaiso - Homer Drew Wright State - Brad Brownell Youngstown State - Jerry Slocum 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Horizon League

Independents Bryant - Tim O'Shea Cal State Bakersfield - Keith Brown Chicago State - Benjy Taylor Houston Baptist - Ron Cottrell Longwood - Mike Gillian New Jersey Institute of Technology - Jim Engles North Carolina Central - Henry Dickerson Savannah State - Horace Broadnax SIU-Edwardsville - Lennox Forrester Texas-Pan American - Tom Schuberth Utah Valley - Dick Hunsaker 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! NCAA Division I independent schools (basketball)

Ivy League Brown - Jesse Agel Columbia - Joe Jones Cornell - Steve Donahue Dartmouth - Terry Dunn Harvard - Tommy Amaker Penn - Glen Miller Princeton - Sydney Johnson Yale - James Jones 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Ivy League

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Canisius - Tom Parrotta Fairfield - Ed Cooley Iona - Kevin Willard Loyola (Maryland) - Jimmy Patsos Manhattan - Barry Rohrssen Marist - Chuck Martin Niagara - Joe Mihalich Rider - Tommy Dempsey St. Peter's - John Dunne Siena - Fran McCaffery 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-American Conference

Mid-American Conference Akron – Keith Dambrot Ball State – Billy Taylor Bowling Green – Louis Orr Buffalo – Reggie Witherspoon Central Michigan – Ernie Ziegler Eastern Michigan – Charles Ramsey Kent State – Geno Ford Miami – Charlie Coles Northern Illinois – Ricardo Patton Ohio – John Groce Toledo – Gene Cross Western Michigan – Steve Hawkins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-American Conference

Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Bethune-Cookman - Clifford Reed Coppin State - Ron Mitchell Delaware State - Greg Jackson Florida A&M - Mike Gillespie Hampton - Kevin Nickelberry Howard - Gil Jackson Maryland-Eastern Shore - Meredith Smith Morgan State - Todd Bozeman Norfolk State - Anthony Evans North Carolina A&T - Jerry Eaves South Carolina State - Tim Carter Winston-Salem State - Bobby Collins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-Eastern Athletic ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Missouri Valley Conference Bradley - Jim Les Creighton - Dana Altman Drake - Mark Phelps Evansville - Marty Simmons Illinois State - Tim Jankovich Indiana State - Kevin McKenna Missouri State - Cuonzo Martin Northern Iowa - Ben Jacobson Southern Illinois - Chris Lowery Wichita State - Gregg Marshall 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Missouri Valley Conference

Mountain West Conference Air Force - Jeff Reynolds Brigham Young - Dave Rose Colorado State - Tim Miles New Mexico - Steve Alford San Diego State - Steve Fisher Texas Christian - Neil Dougherty UNLV - Lon Kruger Utah - Jim Boylen Wyoming - Heath Schroyer 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mountain West Conference

Northeast Conference Central Connecticut State - Howie Dickenman Fairleigh Dickinson - Tom Green LIU-Brooklyn - Jim Ferry Monmouth - Dave Calloway Mount St. Mary's - Milan Brown Quinnipiac - Tom Moore Robert Morris - Mike Rice Jr. Sacred Heart - Dave Bike St. Francis (PA) - Don Friday St. Francis (NY) - Brian Nash Wagner - Mike Deane 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Northeast Conference

Ohio Valley Conference Austin Peay - Dave Loos Eastern Illinois - Mike Miller Eastern Kentucky - Jeff Neubauer Jacksonville State - James Green Morehead State - Donnie Tyndall Murray State - Billy Kennedy Southeast Missouri - Zac Roman Tennessee-Martin - Bret Campbell Tennessee State - Cy Alexander Tennessee Tech - Mike Sutton 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Ohio Valley Conference

Pacific-10 Conference Arizona - Russ Pennell Arizona State - Herb Sendek California - Mike Montgomery Oregon - Ernie Kent Oregon State - Craig Robinson Stanford - Johnny Dawkins UCLA - Ben Howland USC - Tim Floyd Washington - Lorenzo Romar Washington State - Tony Bennett 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Pacific-10 Conference

Patriot League American - Jeff Jones Army - Jim Crews Bucknell - Dave Paulsen Colgate - Emmett Davis Holy Cross - Ralph Willard Lafayette - Fran O'Hanlon Lehigh - Brett Reed Navy - Billy Lange 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Patriot League

Southeastern Conference Alabama - Philip Pearson Arkansas - John Pelphrey Auburn - Jeff Lebo Florida - Billy Donovan Georgia - Pete Herrmann Kentucky - Billy Gillispie LSU - Trent Johnson Mississippi - Andy Kennedy Mississippi State - Rick Stansbury South Carolina - Darrin Horn Tennessee - Bruce Pearl Vanderbilt - Kevin Stallings 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southeastern Conference

Southern Conference Appalachian State - Houston Fancher Chattanooga - John Shulman The Citadel - Ed Conroy College of Charleston - Bobby Cremins Davidson - Bob McKillop Elon - Ernie Nestor Furman - Jeff Jackson Georgia Southern - Jeff Price Samford - Jimmy Tillette UNC-Greensboro - Mike Dement Western Carolina - Larry Hunter Wofford - Mike Young 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southern ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Southland Conference Central Arkansas - Rand Chappell Lamar - Steve Roccaforte McNeese State - Dave Simmons Nicholls State - J. P. Piper Northwestern State - Mike McConathy Sam Houston State - Bob Marlin Southeastern Louisiana - Jim Yarbrough Stephen F. Austin - Danny Kaspar Texas A&M-Corpus Christi - Perry Clark Texas-Arlington - Scott Cross Texas-San Antonio - Brooks Thompson Texas State - Doug Davalos 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southland Conference

Southwestern Athletic Conference Alabama A&M - L. Vann Pettaway Alabama State - Lewis Jackson Alcorn State - Samuel West Arkansas-Pine Bluff - George Ivory Grambling State - Larry Wright Jackson State - Tevester Anderson Mississippi Valley State - Sean Woods Prairie View A&M - Byron Rimm II Southern - Rob Spivery Texas Southern - Tony Harvey 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southwestern Athletic Conference

The Summit League Centenary - Greg Gary IPFW - Dane Fife IUPUI - Ron Hunter North Dakota State - Saul Phillips Oakland - Greg Kampe Oral Roberts - Scott Sutton South Dakota State - Scott Nagy Southern Utah - Roger Reid UMKC - Matt Brown Western Illinois - Derek Thomas 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! The Summit League

Sun Belt Conference Arkansas-Little Rock - Steve Shields Arkansas State - Dickey Nutt Denver - Joe Scott Florida Atlantic - Mike Jarvis Florida International - Sergio Rouco Louisiana-Lafayette - Robert Lee Louisiana-Monroe - Orlando Early Middle Tennessee - Kermit Davis New Orleans - Joe Pasternack North Texas - Johnny Jones South Alabama - Ronnie Arrow Troy - Don Maestri Western Kentucky - Ken McDonald 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Sun Belt Conference

West Coast Conference Gonzaga - Mark Few Loyola Marymount - Rodney Tention Pepperdine - Vance Walberg Portland - Eric Reveno Saint Mary's - Randy Bennett San Diego - Bill Grier San Francisco - Rex Walters Santa Clara - Kerry Keating 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! West Coast Conference

Western Athletic Conference Boise State - Greg Graham Fresno State - Steve Cleveland Hawai?i - Bob Nash Idaho - Don Verlin Louisiana Tech - Kerry Rupp Nevada - Mark Fox New Mexico State - Marvin Menzies San Jose State - George Nessman Utah State - Stew Morrill 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Western Athletic ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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227's Tyra Banks - Britain's Next Top Model - YouTube "Chili!" http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/u_tube_britains_next_top_model_tyra_banks_uk_sdtv.html
 227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 12  227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6  227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7  227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8  227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
YouTube "Chili"-"Sugar" Rashad Evans UFC Fights/"Sugar" Rashad Evans Knockouts/ "Sugar" Rashad Evans Sugar" Rashad Evans Sugar" Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson at 227- http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_sugar_rashad_evans_ufc_98_ultimate_fights.html
"Ultimate Fighting Championship!"
  227's UFC-Pay-Per-View (YouTube "Chili!")! Pay-Per-View UFC/Pay-Per-View UFC Fights/Pay-Per-View UFC KnockOuts/Pay-Per-View HD/Pay-Per-View at 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_ufc_pay_per_view_fights_hd_exclusive_feature.html UFC-57 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!  UFC 61-"Ultimate Fighting Championship!"  UFC 73!  UFC-66  UFC-74 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!  UFC-1 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!
227's YouTube-Jim Rome-"Smack-Off" ESPN Radio listeners & "Smack-Talk" at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jim_rome_smack_off_competition_radio_talk.html
227's You Tube "Chili"-Shania Twain http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_shania_twain_from_this_moment_on_forever.html
227's You Tube "Chili"-Alison Krauss http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_alison_krauss_when_u_say_nothing_at_all.html
227's You Tube "Chili"-Ronan Keating http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_ronan_keating_baby_can_i_hold_lulu_boyzone.html
227's You Tube "Chili"-Cat Stevens http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_cat_stevens_yusuf_islam_allah_father_tour.html
Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

227's YouTube "Chili"-Jessica Alba (NBA)! Jessica Alba (Sin City) & Hayden Christiansen Use The Force/Jessica Alba (Playboy Cover)/Jessica Alba in "Awake" w/Hayden Christiansen! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_jessica_alba_hayden_christiansen_force.html
227's YouTube "Chili"-Hayden Christiansen (NBA)! Hayden Christiansen (Anakin Skywalker-Star Wars), "Awake" & more at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227!

227's YouTube "Chili"-Sin City! Sin City Trailer/Sin City Soundtrack/Sin City Movie/Sin City at 227!

227's YouTube "Chili"-Bruce Willis! Bruce Willis in "Sin City"/Bruce Willis Movies/Bruce Willis Singing/Bruce Willis "Blues Band"/Bruce Willis "Die Hard" & more at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227!

227's "Hooters" Girls (YouTube "Chili"-NBA)! "Hooters" International Bikini Pageant/"Hooters" Chanel Models/"Hooters" Shows/"Hooters" Bikinis/"Hooters" Contest/Hooters Girls at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227!


227's "Hooters"/NBA (YouTube "Chili" COMBO)! Hooters & NBA Videos/Hooters & NBA Highlights/Hooters & NBA Action at 227!



227's-Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Indianapolis Motor Speedway Race Results, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Drivers, Indy 500 at 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_indianapolis_motor_speedway_race_car_results.html 
227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-2008 Indianapolis 500
  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-2007 Indianapolis 500  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-1992 Indianapolis 500  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-2002 Indianapolis 500  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-IndyCar Series  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-1987 Indianapolis 500  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-2005 Indianapolis 500Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

227's YouTube "Chili"-Funniest Home Videos


227's YouTube-"Teens"

227's YouTube-"Jail"

227's YouTube "Chili"-"Showers"

227's YouTube-"Obama Girl"

227's YouTube "Chili"-Barack Obama

227's YouTube "Chili"-iTunes!http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/u_tube_itunes_play_music_purchased_music_review_tv.html


227's YouTube BGT-"Natalie Okri" 10 Year Old Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 6-  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_natalie_okri_britains_got_talent_2009_Ep_6.html

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227's Facebook/NBA "Chili!"
227's FaceBook "Chili! (YOUTUBE)" Facebook Links/FACEBOOK Network/FACEBOOK Music/FACEBOOK Entertainment/227 FACEBOOK!

227's Jim Rome Show (Radio Talk & YOUTUBE)

227's-Jim Rome Show (ESPN Radio Talk & Soundbites)!http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jim_rome_sports_radio_talk_show_guest_espn.html

227's YouTube-Patrick Ewing #33 (NBA's New York Knicks & Georgetown Hoyas)! Assistant Basketball Coach-Orlando Magic (NBA)!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_patrick_ewing_new_york_knicks_georgetown.html
227's-Kenny "The Jet" Smith-Carolina Basketball Camp (YouTube UNC Tar Heels-TNT/NBA)!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/kenny_smith_carolina_basketball_camp_unc_tarheels.html

227's YouTube "Chili"-Pussycat Dolls (Jai Ho-NBA Mix)!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares!


227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Hispanic  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Hispanic and Latino Americans  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Latina (magazine)  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Latina, Italy  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Province of Latina
227's YouTube "Chili"-Latina!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latina (NBA)-Andressa Soares-17/05/2009 MULHER MELANCIA-Set 1
227's YouTube "Chili"-Latina!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latino-Don Omar! "Ella Y Yo," "Dile," Don Omar Latino Hits & more at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_don_omar_chili_dile_puerto_rico_ella_y_yo.html
227's YouTube "Chili" LATINO-TITO "El Bambino"-"sOUL pLAYA Y aRENA (FT. jADIEL)," "De La Ghetto" ft. Randy, "El Tra," & more at 227 (Chilli)! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_tito_el_bambino_jadiel_sol_playa_y_arena.html
227's YouTube "Chili" Latino-Victor Manuelle "Si La Ves," Don Omar, "El Father," "Tango Ganas," & more at 227 (Chilli)! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_victor_manuelle_si_la_ves_omar_tango_ganas.html
227's YouTube-"Twitter!" Twitter NBA/Twitter NFL/Twitter Music/Twitter Tweets/Twitter TV/Twitter Movies at 227!

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227's YouTube "Chuck" Charles Barkley (TNT-NBA Playoffs)-Charles Barkley's Golf Swing Interpreted by Tiger Woods! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_charles_barkley_golfswing_nba_tnt_playoffs.html

227's YouTube "Fab 5" Michigan Wolverines Basketball!

227's YouTube "C-Webb" Chris Webber (TNT-NBA Playoffs)! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_chris_webber_tnt_nba_playoff_shoes_barkley.html
227's JalenTV on YouTube- YouTube videos & NBA commentary on ESPN's Mike & Mike! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jalen_rose_espn_nba_basketball_jalentv.html
227's YouTube "Chili"-Reggie Miller #31 (NBA) "For Three"-Reggie Miller's historic "Three Point Shots" at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_reggie_miller_nba_pacers_winning_3_pointer.html
227's Bill Russell-"Captain of the Boston Celtics" 11-Time NBA World Champion!
227's Larry Bird (#33) Boston Celtics http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_larry_bird_boston_celtics_mvp_nba_tv.html
227's Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs) on YouTube! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_tim_duncan_san_antonio_spurs_nba_career_tv.html  

227's NBA Players:

Patrick Ewing- the Georgetown Hoyas & NBA!
  Isiah Thomas!  Magic Johnson   Clyde "The Glide" Drexler! Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  Julius Erving  Carmelo Anthony  LeBron James  Kobe Bryant!  NBA Access w/ Ahmad Rashad!  227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA & NFL Action! 227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA TV  227's Ahmad Rashad-"Rashad"  227's Ahmad Rashad-Phylicia Rashad  227's Ahamad Rashad-NBA Inside Stuff  227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad  The Best Ncaa Basketball Coaches!   Lenny Wilkins- Brooklyn's Basketball Legend! 227's YoUtuBe-ISIAH! Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon!  Bill Walton- UCLA & the NBA!  227's YouTubbe "LeBron!"-LeBron James   YouTubbe "Melo!"-Carmelo Anthony!  227's YouTubbe "A.I."-Allen Iverson!   227's YouTubbe "D Wade!"-Dwayne Wade!   227's uTubbe Steve Nash!

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227's YouTube "Chilli"-Marvel Comics!    


227's YouTube "Chilli"-DC Comics!

227's YouTube "Chilli"-Comics!

227's YouTube "Chilli"-Movies!


227's YouTube "Chili"-Darth Vader (NBA & Star Wars)! "Luke, I'm Your Fatha (James Earl Jones)!"-http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_darth_vader_nba_star_wars_james_earl_jones.html
227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Luke Skywalker
  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Mark Hamill  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Obi-Wan Kenobi  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Tatooine  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Princess Leia Organa  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Carrie Fisher  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Anakin Skywalker  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Jacen Solo  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-C-3PO

Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227-"YouTube" Entertainment/"YouTube" Entertainment Weekly/"YouTube" Entertainment Tonight/"YouTube" Entertainment Book/"YouTube" Entertainment News at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/Jamaal_Al_Din_s_Hoops_227_entertainment_you_tube.html  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/Jamaal_Al_Din_s_Hoops_227_film_animation_reviews.html  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/Jamaal_Al_Din_s_Hoops_227_music_video_notes_charts.html  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/Jamaal_Al_Din_s_Hoops_227_youtube_favorite_special.html

227's YouTube-Ne-Yo/Sexy Love (NBA)! Ne-Yo Sexy Love/Ne-Yo Videos/Neyo & Island Def Jam/Neyo at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_neyo_sexy_love_kate_sutherland_island_def.html  227's YouTube-Ne-Yo-"Mad"/Ne-Yo "Mad" Aol premiere video (NBA)/Ne-Yo "Mad" video at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_neyo_mad_aol_premiere_narrative_hip_hop.html  
227's YouTube "Chili"-Justin Timberlake "Cry Me A River"/Justin Timberlake "Love Stoned"/Justin Timberlake videos  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_justin_timberlake_cry_me_a_river_luv_stoned.html  227's YouTube "Chili"-Justin Timberlake (NBA) "LoveStoned"-Justin Timberlake! Justin Timberlake "Luv Stoned" iTunes/Justin Timberlake "Love Stoned" Remix/"LoveStoned"  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_justin_timberlake_lovestoned_think_she_knows.html  227's YouTube "Chili" Rick Ross-"Mafia Music (NBA)" & "Hustlin"/Rick Ross ft. FatJoe, The Game, Ja Rule/Rick Ross!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_rick_ross_mafia_music_2009_ja_rule_fat_joe.html
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227's YouTube "Chili!"

2Pac 50 Cent A Adam Tensta Akon Aaliyah Ashanti Andre 3000 B Bow Wow Bobby Valentino Beyonce Bone Thugs n Harmony Birdman (rapper) Busta Rhymes Bobby Fischer C Chris Brown Cherish Cassidy Chingy Chamillionaire Christina Milian Chrisette Michele Cashis Ciara Cypress Hill Calzone Mafia Cuban Link D Destiny's Child DJ Clue Demetri Montaque Danity Kane Day 26 Donnie D12 DJ Khaled Dr. Dre E E-40 Eminem Eazy-E F Fabolous Flo Rida Fat Joe Frankie J G G-Unit The Game H Hurricane Chris I Ice Cube J Jay-Z J.R. Rotem J Holiday Jordan Sparks K Kanye West Kelly Rowland keri hilson The Kreators L Lil' Kim Lil' Mo Lil Jon Lil Mama Lloyd Banks Lil Wayne Ludacris Lloyd Lil Mama Lil Eazy-E Leona lewis M MC Hammer Mike Shorey MF Doom Mariah Carey Mario Mary J. Blige N Ne-Yo Nate Dogg Niia N.W.A. Notorious B.I.G. Nas Nick Cannon Nelly Necro O Olivia Omarion Obie Trice Old Dirty Bastard P Public Enemy Plies P Diddy pink Pharcyde Q R Red Cafe Run DMC Ray J R Kelly Rihanna Rick Ross (rapper) S Sean Combs Sean Kingston Snoop Dogg Stargate Sean Garrett Suge Knight Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Stat Quo shakira T The Notorious B.I.G. Tupac Shakur Trina Tyrese T-Pain Three 6 Mafia T.I. Too Phat U Usher V V.I.C. W Warren G Wyclef Jean Wu Tang Clan will.i.am X Xzibit Y Young Jeezy Yung Berg Z

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227's YouTube "Chili"-T.O."Terrell Owens" http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_t_o_terrell_owens_workout_reality_tv_nfl.html 
227's YouTube "Chili"-Kristinia DeBarge "Goodbye" (NBA)! Kristinia DeBarge Songs/Kristinia DeBarge Hits/Kristinia DeBarge Lyrics/Kristinia DeBarge Remix/Kristinia DeBarge CD/Kristinia DeBarge at 227!
227's YouTube "Chili"-"Mulan"-Walt Disney (NBA)! Mulan Songs/Mulan Musical Hits/Mulan Animation/Mulan Cartoon Movie!
227's YouTube "Chili"-Kevin Federline (NBA) "Exclusive Kevin Federline Interview"/Kevin Federline, Britney Spears Interview/Kevin Federline Music! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_kevin_federline_exclusive_interview_britney.html 
227's Reality TV Tube (NBA)!
227's "Hollywood" (NBA) Entertainment (YouTube "Chili")! 
227's YouTube "Chili"-Jordan McCoy (NBA)-"American Juniors"/Jordan McCoy "Beyonce" Acoustic/Rihanna Acoustic/Britney Spears Acoustic/Jordan McCoy at 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jordan_mccoy_american_juniors_nba_acoustic.html

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Michael Jackson Bing Crosby U.S. The Beatles AC/DC ABBA Alla Bee Gees Bob Marley Celine Dion Cliff Richard The Drifters Elton John Herbert von Karajan Julio Iglesias Led Zeppelin Madonna Mariah Carey  Elvis Presley Nana Mouskouri Pink Floyd The Rolling Stones Tino Rossi Wei Wei

Adriano Celentano
Aerosmith Backstreet Boys Barry White Billy Joel Bon Jovi Boney M. The Carpenters Charles Aznavour Cher Chicago Dave Clark Five David Bowie Deep Purple Depeche Mode Dire Straits Dolly Parton The Eagles Electric Engelbert Humperdinck Fats Domino Fleetwood Mac The Four Seasons Frank Sinatra Garth Brooks Genesis George Michael Guns N' Roses James Last The Jackson 5 Janet Jackson Johnny Hallyday Kenny Rogers Lionel Richie Luciano Pavarotti Metallica Michiya Mihashi Mireille Mathieu Modern Talking Neil Diamond Olivia Newton-John Patti Page Paul McCartney Perry Como Pet Shop Boys Phil Collins Prince Queen Ricky Nelson Roberto Carlos Rod Stewart Salvatore Adamo Status Quo Stevie Wonder Teresa Teng Tina Turner Tom Jones U2 Valeriya The Ventures Whitney Houston The Who

Annie Lennox B'z Britney Spears Carlos Santana Dalida
Earth, Wind & Fire Eddy Arnold Eminem Eurythmics Gloria Estefan Hibari Misora Journey Scorpions Van Halen Ace of Base Alan Jackson Country Alice Cooper Hard rock Andrea Bocelli Opera The Andrews Sisters Swing Ayumi Hamasaki Pop Black Sabbath Heavy metal Barbra Streisand Pop / Adult contemporary Beach Boys Rock Pop Bob Dylan Folk / Rock Bob Seger Rock Boston Arena rock Boyz II Men R&B Bruce Springsteen Rock Bryan Adams Def Leppard Destiny's Child R&B / Pop Dreams Come True Pop / Jazz Duran Duran Enya Ireland Four Tops George Strait Glay Iron Maiden Jay-Z Hip hop Jean Michel Jarre Jethro Tull Johnny Cash Kazuhiro Moriuchi Kiss Hard rock Kenny G Kylie Minogue Luis Miguel Linkin Park Meat Loaf Michael Bolton Mills Brothers Mötley Crüe Mr.Children Nat King Cole New Kids on the Block Nirvana 'N Sync Oasis Orhan Gencebay Pearl Jam Petula Clark Red Hot Chili Peppers The Police Ray Conniff Reba McEntire R.E.M. Richard Clayderman Ricky Martin Robbie Williams Roxette Sweden Shakira Colombia
The Seekers Australia Spice Girls
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Tony Bennett T.Rex UB40 Vicente Fernandez Village People Willie NelsonJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

227's-StubHubTickets Masters! Stubhub NBA, NFL, MLB, Concerts & more at 227!

227's-StubHubTickets Masters! Stubhub NBA, NFL, MLB, Concerts & more at 227!

227's-StubHubTickets Masters! Stubhub NBA, NFL, MLB, Concerts & more at 227!

227's-DirecTV & Dish Network!

227's-DirecTV & Dish Network! List of DirecTV Channels!  227's DirecTV & Dish Network-TNT (TV network)  227's DirecTV-HD Theater  227's DirecTV-HDNet  227's DirecTV-The 101 Network  227's DirecTV-CNN  227's DirecTV-HLN (TV network)  227's DirecTV-ESPNews  227's DirecTV-ESPN Classic  227's DirecTV-NFL Network  227's DirecTV-MLB Network  227's DirecTV-NHL Network (United States)  227's DirecTV-Tennis Channel  227's DirecTV-Golf Channel  227's DirecTV-Liquidation Channel  227's DirecTV-Home & Garden Television  227's DirecTV-DIY Network  227's DirecTV-Food Network  227's DirecTV-Fine Living  227's DirecTV-Gems TV  227's DirecTV-Style Network  227's DirecTV-E!  227's DirecTV-TV Guide Network  227's DirecTV-ReelzChannel  227's DirecTV-Home Shopping Network  227's DirecTV-Spike (TV channel)  227's DirecTV-USA Network  227's DirecTV-Sci Fi Channel (United States)  227's DirecTV-truTV

227's Casino & Slots! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/casino_poker_black_jack_roulette_keno_solitaire.html
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"Pistol" Pete Maravich!
  Larry Bird!  2007-08 NBA Basketball Awards!  Opening Night in the NBA!  CHRIS CHILDS "C-squared" at 227!  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA/NCAA Greatness, and "The Skyhook!" 227's AAU Basketball!  227's AAU Basketball!227's AAU Basketball!227's AAU Basketball! 227's AAU Basketball! * 227's AAU Basketball!  Moses Malone  Dominique Wilkins!  Bill Russell- the Boston Celtic!   Charles Barkley- "The Round-Mound of Rebound!"  Nate Archibald  Elvin Hayes- University of Houston & the NBA!  Lenny Wilkins- Brooklyn's Basketball Legend! Rick Barry- "The under-hand Freethrow!"  Elgin Baylor   2008 NBA Draft at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website!  227's YouTube "Dr. J!"-Julius Erving!  Wilt Chamberlain George "Iceman" Gervin!  Kevin Garnett  Elgin Baylor YouTube Information from FreeBase.com & Wikipedia at Hoops 227- the everything basketball website! Bob Pettit  National Basketball Association Bob Cousy, Holy Cross Crusaders & the Boston Celtics! Opening Night in the NBA!  227's Black History Month! Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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227's-Hip Hop (YOUTUBE CHILI!)!
* 227's-Hip Hop (YOUTUBE CHILI!)! 

227's-"Jizz In My Pants!" YouTube "ChiLi" Music Videos   227's-"Jizz In My Pants!" YouTube "ChiLi!" Music Videos   227's-"Jizz In My Pants!" YouTube "ChiLi!" Music Videos     227's YouTube Chili-Family Guy!  
227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! History of Family Guy  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Death Has a Shadow  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Peter Griffin  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Tom Tucker (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Seth MacFarlane  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Family Guy: Live in Vegas  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Don't Make Me Over (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Neil Goldman (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Padre de Familia (Family Guy episode)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Running Mates (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Patriot Games (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Jungle Love (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Family Guy Viewer Mail 1  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Barely Legal (Family Guy) 227's YouTube Chili-Family Guy! 227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Prick Up Your Ears (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Blind Ambition (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Adam West (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Glenn Quagmire  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Criticism of Family Guy  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Family Guy DVDs  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! List of characters in Family Guy  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Blue Harvest (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Brian Griffin  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Family Guy (pinball)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Long John Peter!  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Mind Over Murder  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy!-The Courtship of Stewie's Father   227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy!- Family Guy Video Game!Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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   227's YouTube "Chilli!"   227's YouTube "Chilli!"   227's YouTube "Chilli!"
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Ghostface Killah 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah - He Comes (feat. De La Soul) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-wu-tang clan: golden era (93-96) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon - Criminology 2 (feat. Ghostface KIllah) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah feat. Jadakiss & Comp - Run 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah feat. U-God - Cherchez LaGhost 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon - Wu Ooh (feat. Ghostface Killah & Method Man) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Jeff Johnson Freestyle over 'Yolanda's House' from Ghostface Killah  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy (palm of ice remix) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah-The G Hide 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Cappadonna - Ice Cream 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-U-God Inspectah Deck & Street Life - Semi Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah Raekwon & Rza - Who's The Champion 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-The Best From Ghostface Killah * Cappadonna YOUTUBBE Music Videos 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Inspectah Deck - Let Me At Em  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Rza Method Man & Cappadonna - Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-interview Cappadonna @ Karmaloop TV  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Ol' Dirty Bastard & 12 O'Clock - Ol' Dirtys Back  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Cappadonna - Milk The Cow  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Cappadonna feat. Rhyme Recca & Boy Blue - Freestyle (1998, rare)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Cappadonna - Slang Editorial(Remix)   227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-rza, method man & cappadonna wu wear  * Mac Main YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Gorilla Zoe YOUTUBBE Music Videos Beyonce YOUTUBBE Music Videos  * The Notorious B.I.G YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Lil' Boosie YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Gucci Mane YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Soulja Boy YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Plies YOUTUBBE Music Videos  * Dalek YOUTUBBE Music Videos  
227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-gorilla zoe definition of a block so sick 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Juice Box (Chopped & Screwed By DJ Slugga)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-The Charleston to Hood Nigga by Gorilla Zoe  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - I Like Them Girls [FULL/NODJ/DIRTY] NEW  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Ft. Rick Ross - What It Is  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Valentines Day  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Requested Sample #2 - Gorilla Zoe - Lost  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Too Much  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - I Like Them Girls [Prod. By Drumma Boy]  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gucci Mane (Ft. Gorilla Zoe)-Broom  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-GORILLA ZOE - BLOCK - DIDDY - TAMPA  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Thuggin  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe: Don't Feed The Animals Movie Trailer  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Paper - Gorilla Zoe ft Durty Block  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-SOREAL CRU TV PRESENTS: THE RE-UP  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Ft. Lil Wayne- Losing my Mind (WITH LYRICS)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe feat. Gucci Mane - Walk with a waddle  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Hood Nigga (UNEDITED)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane Walk wit a Waddle: Making the Video  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane Walk wit a Waddle: Making the Video  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-GORILLA ZOE FT LIL WAYNE- GET MONEY  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe dissed Game  * 
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Beyonce Knowles-YouTube ALEXANDRA BURKE & QUEEN BEYONCE "LISTEN" THE X-FACTORS FINALS (12/13/2008)  YouTube Beyoncé knowles - If I Were Boy - Live On X Factor 2008 Finals Alexandra Burke Beyoncé   YouTube "Chilli" BEYONCE-Broadway and Dondria Singing Justin Timberlake ft Beyonce-Until the end of time(FINAL CUT)  YouTube Beyonce - Fan Book  YouTube "Chilli!' BEYONCE-Beyonce at LAX Airport January 25 2009 - TMZ  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beatboxing + Singing "Hello" by Beyonce acapella request (Ivana and Jess cover)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-hollie harris beyonce listen  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-JUST STAND UP! Mariah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley, Leona more  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Jay Z feat Beyonce - 03 Bonnie & Clyde (Official Music Videoin HQ)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-50 Cent - Thug Love F/ Beyonce (Destiny's Child) (4th Single: Unreleased Track)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-President Obama's A Fan Of Beyonce's "Single Ladies."  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-OBAMA -BEYONCE NEIGHBORHOOD BALL BARACK.  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-JOMAR : LISTEN (Beyonce Knowles)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beyonce Ft. Alexandra Burke - HD Listen (Live at X Factor 2008) HQ Broken-hearted Girl by Beyonce Karaoke  ME SINGING HALO BY BEYONCE-02/07  Emo Girls Dance to Beyonce  Me singing "Broken-Hearted Girl" by Beyonce  Robyn McGhee - Beyonce - Trust in Me  Happy Saturday!!! Beyonce & Etta James; The Hudson Plane accident  At last - H4RRYV1DS - ETTA JAMES/ BEYONCE COVER  Beyoncé and Jay-Z leaving Nobu Restaurant - 02.04.2009  Beyonce, Britney Spears y Pink- We will rock you mix dannylc7  Amor Kismet Singinging Beyonce "Halo"  Beyoncé - Halo  Halo - Beyonce (singing with acoustic cover)  Beyonce - "Roc" Piano Tutorial  Halo By Beyonce (me lip singing it)  Beyonce Single ladies dance  hello- beyonce (cover instrumental)  Beyonce Lee Carr - If i were a boy/Girl  Singing Beyonce-Broken Hearted Girl  ItsHot.com Presents The Friday Hip Hop Report (Nov21)  Gabby's Dance Party. (can I dance or not?)  Beyonce Halo ActingCapella lol!! upgrade  Beyonce - Diva (kid version)  beyonce single ladies ( guy verison )  Danielle McAlary Ave Maria Beyonce Cover 227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Ahn SoHee- Beyonce dance cover (Wonder Girls 2nd Fan Meeting)  Beyoncé - Save The Hero (Sims 2 version)  Beyoncé - Save The Hero (Sims 2 version)

Taylor Swift-227's YouTube Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift - Picture to Burn [ Official Music Video ]   *  227's YouTube Taylor Swift: Ellen DeGeneres: Taylor Swift & Joe Jonas Phone Break-Up  * 227's YouTube TAYLOR SWIFT: TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR 

Kanye West-227's YouTube KANYE WEST: Young Jeezy - Put on (feat. Kanye West)    227's YouTube Kanye West: Christina Milian dicusses her new album incl. Kanye West, Movies vs Music, & Christmas    227's YouTube Kanye West: SNL LATE NIGHT LAUGH | KANYE WEST LIP SYNCING? | AMY POEHLER LEAVES "SNL" -- SKINNY (12/15/08)

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Rihanna-227's YouTube Rihanna " Rehab " @ Star Academy 2008 [LIVE] HQ 12.19.08  227's YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna-Rehab [Dance Remix] - Arron M   227's YouTube Rihanna: Rihanna - Rehab (Star Academy Finale)  YouTube Rihanna-WWE Diva of the Month: February 2009  YouTube Rihanna-Nina SImon, Rihanna- Take a Bow  YouTube Rihanna-DISTURBIA @ metrowalk plaza  YouTube Rihanna-CHEDDAR SINGS!!!!!!!!!!!  YouTube Rihanna-Re: Lil Wayne Ft Drake - Ransom - NEW !!!  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna Don't Stop The Music DJ Diego Barros Remix  YouTube Rihanna-Umbrella (Cover) - the baseballs  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna - Take a Bow  YouTube Rihanna-The MOST CUTEST picture of the Jonas Brothers!read description  YouTube Rihanna-moment in time [starrgyrrl]  YouTube Rihanna-Umbrella Rihanna version by Arsal & Alex  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna - Disturbia  YouTube Rihanna-rihanna live your life remix  YouTube Rihanna-Mystic - Disturbia  Knowing New Scene Latest Update with HD Quality 2009  Re: Soulja Boy Tell' Em - "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" [Music Video] 

Usher-P.Diddy F.. Usher - I Need A Girl P.1   227's YouTube Usher (Chili!): Exclusive Usher Parody   The Boondocks - Tom, Sarah and Usher - part 1   227's YouTube Usher Feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris - Yeah - Lyrics   Aaliyah Janet Jackson Teairra Mari Letoya Luckett Christina Milian Rihanna Usher Seven Pounds

Jason Mraz-227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Me Singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz  Jason Mraz @ Today Show [LIVE] HQ 12.19.08 " We Sing "   227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Live High - Jason Mraz (cover by Alex Taimanao)   227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink (Live at Highline Ballroom - NY)

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1992 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils
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YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Doug Anthony All Stars - Oprah (Dead & Alive - 1993)
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